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Check Now the Daily Analysis Report 24-3-2023!

Risk Disclaimer

Trading contracts for difference (CFDs related to commodities, forex, indices, and stocks)
It carries a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your investment. As such, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors.
Before deciding to trade, you should be aware of all the risks associated with OTC CFD trading, and seek advice from an appropriately licensed and independent financial advisor. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. General information and/or recommendations provided by the Company should not be construed as investment advice.

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Dollar Index

The dollar started to rise, after reaching 101.50 levels, and we expect the beginning of the upward correction to 102.72 levels, and if it manages to break it, the next correction level will be 103.07.


Gold was able to stabilize above the level of 1969.69 and rose until it reached the level of 1990.06, and by settling above it, we expect a rise until the level of 2009.71, but if it closes below the level of 1990.06, the decline will be until the levels of 1970.09

Brent Crude

Brent crude fell again until it closed below the moving average 50 in the hourly time frame, and therefore we expect more declines until 73.63 levels


The pair was able to rise again to 1.09098 levels, but it failed to stabilize above it and formed a lower bottom and started to enter a bearish correction, therefore we expect more bearish correction until 1.07714 levels, then 1.07227 levels


The pair continued to rise in the beginning of yesterday’s trading until it reached 1.23409 levels, then fell and failed to break it upwards and achieve a higher peak, and also looking at the MACD indicator in the hourly time frame, we notice a negative deviation with the price, and therefore we expect the beginning of the bearish correction, provided that 1.22555 levels are broken, and it will be The downside target is 1.21953 levels


The pair actually managed to fall to the minimum of the range at 1.36535, and surpassed it to 1.36313 levels, and rose strongly until it closed the two moving averages 50-200 in the hourly time frame, and therefore, if it breaks 1.37328 levels, the target for the rise will be 1.37424 levels, then 1.37661 levels.

Dow Jones

The Dow index actually rose to 32503 levels, formed a lower peak, then fell strongly again, and closed below 32332 levels, and we expect more declines until 31838 levels. The target for the drop will be 31423 levels.

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