Safety Of Funds

ATM Capital believes that integrity is crucial for success and for that reason we prioritise the safety and security of client funds. In order to ensure the safety of our clients’ funds, we take a variety of precautionary measures as well as actively working on improving upon said measures.

Segregated client funds

The first and most important funds safety precaution we take comes in the form of segregating our clients’ funds where said funds are stored separately in trust accounts with tier 1 banks. This precautionary measure ensures that our clients can access their funds at any time whilst preventing us from accessing or tampering with them.

Full SSL encryption

The second method we use to ensure the safety of our clients’ funds is the encryption of data using SSL technology. In order to make sure that your transactions and details are safe from hackers and other similar threats, we fully encrypt your data with the highest level of SSL encryption.

Risk management system

The third and final funds safety measure that we employ comes in the form of our risk management system. Due to the fact that so many traders trade on margin especially in very volatile markets, our risk management system ensures that our clients’ account balances never go below zero.

By using these funds’ safety precautions, we guarantee the safety of both your funds and data in order for you to savor your trading journey.

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